Redragon and Sponsorship

The South African eSports arena has shown immense growth over the past two years. Along with this growth is the demand for high-quality gaming peripherals. Redragon as a brand felt that it needed to get involved in the eSports community and by not only offering sponsorship but contributing towards the upliftment of new gamers entering into the competitive arena.

Redragon has partnered with Syntech and are currently supporting two of the top gaming clans in South Africa.

Reaping the benefits of using Redragon peripherals are our sponsored teams XTC Esports & Aperture Gaming who are enjoying the gaming edge by playing with Redragon products. Both teams have shown incredible growth over the past two years. Redragon entered the sponsorship scene end of last year and has sponsored R100 000 in prize money and peripherals to date.

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